Sealing Wooden Floors in London

wood floor sealing in LondonThe outermost layer on any wooden floor serves not only a decorative purpose but acts as a shield against all traffic and possible damage. Lacquered wooden halls, gymnasiums as well as foyers – all areas with high traffic – take the biggest brunt and demand proper sealing and varnishing to keep their exterior glossy. We’re experts in sealing wooden floors of all ages and types! We make sure your floors are taken care of in a way that extends their lifespan.

What is the Secret of The Wood Floor Sealing Practice in London?

We understand that not all wooden floors are equal. Depending on just how old the wood is, the damage, individual imperfections and how the wood was previously treated, every sealing procedure differs from all others. You stand to receive a no-obligation on-site quote after a full inspection to determine how your wood floor sealing will proceed. The state of the wood also shapes the schedule and how much work goes into it.

We’ve come where we are today because we take things slow and careful. You receive a detailed account on the preparation work mandatory before the actual sealing process. In all cases, you should consider sanding the floor because no matter how even and flawless a floor looks there are tiny imperfections that need removal before. The good news is that we work with high-quality sanding machines from BONA, which make the sanding process cleaner and less disruptive.

Additional Benefits of Using Our Wooden Floor Services in London

We’re dedicated to maintaining a certain standard where wooden floors are concerned. Your floors receive a service aimed at elevating their aesthetic properties with the following benefits:

wood floor sealing service

  • Eco-friendly products: All varnishes are completely natural and safe.
  • Meticulous work ethic: Sealing your wooden floors or your decking are both precise services that demand a lot of attention and several coats that need to dry properly. We don’t rush. The sealing takes as long as it needs to take. After all, you’re looking for perfection.
  • Thorough preparation: Before any sealing can take place, your floors need to be in tip-top condition. The experts make sure to prep the wood – sand, repair, replace and fill any gaps if needed.

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The surest way to contact us is via telephone. Dial 020 3404 9697 to get in touch with our operators and discuss your project at length. Because we understand that sometimes situations need fast reactions, we operate from Monday to Sunday. This includes any holidays from massive national holidays to the smaller bank holidays. Call anytime from early in the morning to late in the day. Your call always gets answered.

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