Commercial Floor Sanding in London

What matters most in any business situation is the presentation. Polished wooden floors give every business a classic, professional look. Whether you own a hotel, restaurant, café, office or a store – a well-maintained wooden floor takes your business to the next level. These floors are yours to have at any given time with the leading commercial floor sanding service in London! We have the know-how, equipment and skill set to sand, repair and finish commercial wooden floors of all sizes.

We have restored hundreds of wooden floors in many commercial premises, such as:

commercial floor sanding

  • Retail outlets & Shopping malls
  • Office Buildings & Banks
  • Multi-floor department stores
  • Hotels, Restaurants, and Cafes
  • Pubs, Bars, and Nightclubs
  • Art galleries and museums
  • Community centres
  • School classrooms and school halls
  • Suspended floors in sports centers and gyms
  • Aerobics & dance studio flooring
  • Leisure centres
  • Indoor racquet sport courts

What Can We Do for You as Your New Commercial Floor Sanding Company?

We sand floors, but we also create an image. Wooden floors speak of wealth, class and your influence as a leader in your field. You will find that five-star restaurants, boutiques, and wine bars favor the look of wooden flooring because it conveys luxury and exclusivity. Make one singular impression with the professional services we offer as a commercial floor sanding company. Enhance your space and unlock its full potential!

To us, each floor is an individual being complete with its unique layout and imperfections as well as gaps and cracks. Your floor receives a stellar service – the culmination of training, skill and upscale equipment. We visit your property to assess how to best augment your floor, keep it level and at the same time remove any splinters, nails and fill any gaps.

Commercial Wood Floor Sanding in London You Can Trust

Great Floor Sanding has specialized in the estimation, care and repair of wooden floors in commercial and residential properties for many years, and we offer you the following benefits as part of our service:

  • We pride ourselves on being responsive, hard working and delivering to extremely high standards.
  • We work flexible hours and will work on your project around your schedule.
  • We use state of the art equipment, which is dust free to keep your premises as clean as possible
  • We will work diligently and quietly and will cause minimum disruption within your premises.
  • All of the technicians are hardworking, reliable and punctual.
  • We understand that you are sometimes constrained by budget and we will, in every instance, work within your budget for the works.

Brand New Appearance for Your Business Now!

For further information about our commercial floor sanding services, please give us a call at 020 3404 9697. Our friendly support staff is always online to take your call. From Monday to Sunday, day and night, we’re open to answering questions, such as scheduling a no-obligation on-site inspection. This includes national and smaller bank holidays all year round. All appointments can be re-canceled or cancelled up to 24 hours prior to the arrival date because we care about you! You might want to check our price list before contacting us.

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