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wood floor gap fillingNo beautiful wooden floor deserves to be caught with gaps. Nevertheless, they are a fairly common ailment for wooden floors which have passed their golden years. Constant traffic, natural aging, and drying of the wood material create unsightly gaps, which not only ruin the overall aesthetic but also create drafts. Bring back your wood floors’ glory years by using our service for filling floorboard gaps!

How We Approach Filling Gaps in Wood Floors in London

Each gap demands an individual inspection so before any work begins, you’ll receive a visit from the technicians who survey the wood’s condition and notes down how each gap should be treated. The main goal of filling gaps in wood floors is to secure the gaps for years and erase the fact they ever existed.

For gaps (smaller than 5mm) we use a completely natural mixture of raisin and sawdust, which dries easily and blends perfectly with the pattern on your floor after the floor is stained and sealed anew.

Now Your Whole Household or Office Can Take Advantage of Our Reliable Services

Your floorboards’ integrity is what matters most to us and we strive to deliver a service that provides a long term solution to your situation. Nevertheless, here are a few other ways you benefit from our service.

  • Drop in utility bills: Gaps in the floorboards remain the highest cause for a steady rise in utility bills because of the drafts they cause. An airtight floor guarantees your bills stay within normal levels.
  • Natural products: As you’ve read above, our techniques for gap filling in London require only natural materials. This creates a healthy environment safe for small children and pets as well as people with respiratory conditions.
  • Individual touch: Your wooden floors are unique and each service is tailored to meeting the floor’s individual needs. We practice these principles in all the services we provide – from floorboards restoration to school floor sanding.

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