• Steve Cowling

    We needed the floorboards on our terrace waxed and decided to call Great Floor Sanding because of the affordable prices they offered. We were pleasantly surprised by Emily, the customer representative. She was very thorough in explaining the service. The job itself took awhile, but in the end everything looks great! You can see your own reflection on those boards!

  • Luisa Battey

    The decking in front of our house was in terrible condition. It hadn’t been renovated in more than 20 years. We needed it to be ready before the summer months and we couldn’t spend a fortune on it. We called Great Floor Sanding and they gave us a great offer. Everything looks like new now and my wife is more than happy. Thank you guys!

  • Emma Jones

    Me and my husband got our new glossy-looking floor but we needed a protection cover. We weren’t sure what to use and how. Luckily, the experts from Great Floor Sanding came and explained in details what is needed to be done. We decided to book their service and we are definitely really happy by the quality of the floor staining service. Thanks!

  • Peter Johnson

    Until yesterday I was very concerned about my wooden floors as they had some gaps all over the surface. To be honest I am not a specialist and thought that I will have to change the whole flooring, but then decided to see whether there are any other options. That’s how I found the company which simply eliminated all the gaps and all traces of them using only natural products. So, instead of spending hundreds if not thousands of pounds, now I have my old flooring in a flawless condition. Great work guys! Big thank you, Pete.

  • Adeline Duckett

    One of the boards on our doorstep was making a creaking noise and it was definitely more worn out than the others. We don’t have the tools to do such a repair ourselves, so we called Great Floor Sanding to repair it. I’m very pleased with the job they. The colour of the boards matches perfectly.

    Thank you!

  • David Baker

    A few days ago, we were moving a heavy sofa and my son accidentally dropped his end and it hurt the floor really badly. As I am not too good in the DIY stuff, I turned to these guys. I was a little bit sceptic they will do the job as I wanted, but they proved me wrong! Thanks for the devotion and your hard work, the damaged area is like new right now.

  • Geoff Mills

    My wife was mad about the look of our kitchen’s wood floor. We tried some commercial solutions, but there was no effect at all. Then, we heard about Great Floor Sanding and called them for an on-site inspection. The guys explained us in details what should be done and how much it will cost. We liked their professional approach and decided to book the floor sanding service combined with gap filling and staining. After two days of hard work, the floor in our kitchen looked as good as a new one!

  • Sophie Applegate

    I don’t write reviews too often, but I have to say that when we ordered the service we hardly imagined that will get such top-notch services for such a low price. What me and my husband wanted was to add a little bit more warmth to the room and open up the space a little bit. The oiling services gave us exactly what we wanted. Although I was a little worried for any dangerous chemicals at the beginning, I later found out that the company uses only non-chemicals products. Great job! Take care, Sophie

  • Jessica Davis

    My family consists of five people and I was really worried about my wooden floors because they were getting scratched and stained so easily. I was looking for an eco-friendly wax solution. I am so happy I stumbled upon Great Floor Sanding. They use natural products, which is essential for me and my family. We are totally satisfied with their service.

  • Amelia Ludlow

    I just want to thank you for what you did with the wooden floor in our living room. We were very doubtful about renovating it and thought it’s best to change it, but now we don’t have any regrets. The repairs were more than we expected and we had to change most of the boards but it was worth it. After all, buying a new flooring costs a fortune!

    Best wishes.

  • Jane Watson

    As I am a busy mother of four, I often order different cleaning services for my home. However, this was the first time ordering staining for my floors. I referred to this company which was recommended to me by a good friend of mine and I was so pleased with the results. At first, I thought the staining will bring only the good appearance but later I found out that it also protects the wood against stains, dust, traffic etc. I have worked in the service industry, so I had some high expectations which they far exceeded.

  • John Bradley

    A few months ago I invested in expensive flooring, so I wanted to do something to protect it from scratches. The problem is that I am a kind of  a guy who always go for greener alternatives when it comes to cleaning, polishing etc. I thought that all professionals use only chemicals that may damage the health of my family and our beloved dog. Then, I found this company which uses only organic products safe for the environment. Now my floors have a nice rustic touch which me and my wife simple love!

  • Kyle Gordon

    I was desperate about the look of my wooden floor. I needed a quick and professional restoration from scuffs and scratches because I wanted to sell my house as fast as possible. Luckily, Great Floor Sanding done a marvelous job! I managed to sell my property in no time and the price increased significantly after the floor restoration procedure. Well done Great Floor Sanding!

  • Felicity Jacobs

    One lazy Sunday I just said to myself “I have to do something about my old wood flooring!”. It was really hard for me to choose the best solution. The guys from Great Floor Sanding have not only provided protection to my floors, but they’ve also added a special glossy effect. Great job. Thank you so much!

  • Ashley Sympson

    The staircase in our old house was falling apart, making terrible noises and all. We had to replace those boards right away or someone would’ve gotten in a terrible accident there. My neighbour gave me your number, good thing I found you guys, everything went smoothly (despite the noise) and the prices were affordable. The staircase is as good as new now!

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