Heavy-Duty Decking Restoration in London for Every Wood Type

decking renovation londonNothing affects wood, even well-sealed wood, faster than exposure to the elements. Your decking doesn’t need too much to suffer from rain, wind and sun exposure. Wood ages fast and need a dedicated service to strip down the damage, refresh and nurture it, and then seal it to a satisfying result. You can transform your decking completely with just a single visit from our decking restoration service in London!

New Unique Procedure for Sanding Your Wooden Decking

Before any sanding begins, we’ll have to inspect your decking! This makes sure we see the exact layout and have the correct measurements, which then allows us to see how the machines are going to move on the decking. A signature part of how we approach sanding any wooden decking is determining the condition of the wood. Each wooden floor ages differently and possesses a unique set of flaws such as scratches, discolouration, and nails. This all needs to be taken into account with each service.

Sanding creates a lot of sawdust as a by-product and can be very noisy. However, we work with equipment from BONA, a company which is known for its excellence in designing heavy duty machinery. This equipment performs better and leaves less sawdust, which leaves a lot less to clean later on and makes the staining and sealing processes all the faster.

The Bonuses You Receive With Our Wooden Decking Restoration Service

Sanding helps remove most of the scratches, discoloration and scuffed wood. However, it’s not the only way to improve and restore your wooden decking. In order to achieve optimal results, the experts provide all of the following:

professional decking services in London

  • Replacement: Are you the victim of severe damage? Perhaps your wooden decking has rotted in a few places. Count on our decking restoration service in London to find the right replacement material and remove the damaged floorboard.
  • Gap filling: Gaps are unsightly, and when untended will lead to cracks and creaking, which are far from appealing. All your gaps will be filled to create a seamless, unbroken service.
  • Natural protection: The staining and sealing agents use natural ingredients in their recipes that protect and preserve the wood, while at the same time being completely healthy for the environment, pets and children.

Get Your Decking Repaired in No Time!

Swift reactions are always necessary, especially when outdoor areas like decking are concerned. You’ll find that our lines are always open whenever you dial 020 3404 9697! Our support staff works from Monday to Sunday with no exceptions – this includes every big or small holiday in the year – You can contact us 24/7. You’ll be provided with all the necessary information about the service and equipment. You can also change the dates of your service or inspection at any time as long as it’s 48 hours before the arrival date. It’s a good idea to visit our prices page before you contact us.

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