Floorboards Restoration London – Sanding and Replacement for All Floor Types

floorboard restorationHave you grown tired of that one floorboard that creaks every time under your foot, or how a small accident has marred how the whole floor looks? Whether you’ve got a small job or a bigger project you need to be finished, then you can always turn to the foremost experts in the field of floorboards restoration in London to cure your wood. We have the most skilled workers and the latest sanding technology to ensure a perfect finish.

What’s The Method for Wooden Floorboard Restoration?

We bring expertise and experience to the table. You can be sure that the technicians know their wood and floor types as we’ve worked on floors of all ages. Among the projects we’ve got under our belt are commercial floors, retail and office floors, floors in heavily visited facilities such as schools, universities and libraries, and antique floors. What we’ve learned is that all floors age differently and need to be inspected individually. You’ll receive a full and no-obligation on-site evaluation that will tell us how your floorboards will be renovated.

Wooden floorboard restoration relies on sanding and sanding is all about precision and equipment – both of which we have aplenty. The machines are from BONA, the company that has revolutionized sanding for everyone. Their sanders produce fine work and at the same time leave a minimal amount of sawdust behind. Because less sawdust means less cleaning up for you and a faster overall service.

Meet Our Multi-Layered Old Floorboard Restoration Approach

Sanding remains the very first step in the process. You get a much more comprehensive repair and here is what we can offer you:

restore floorboard london

  • Floorboard replacement: You have a floorboard that is just too damaged for sanding to solve anything. Leave it to us. We will locate a replacement with the same material and then fit it so no one remains the wise. The wood floor experts will help, even if you need a complete staircase restoration for instance.
  • Staining options: Looking towards changing the whole appearance of your floors? Just look through our many staining options and choose a full, lasting color.
  • Waxing, oiling, sealing: You have your choice of waxing and oiling finishes, which are all natural. They preserve the wood, allow it to breathe and pose no health risk.

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