Floor Sanding Chiswick W4 Revitalises Your Wooden Floors with Ease

Maintaining any type of wood flooring – hardwood, softwood, parquet or floorboard – requires more than just the regular washing up and drying. It needs professional maintenance that restores the material and then preserves it for about 10 years (if cared for properly). With the floor sanding service Chiswick W4 we offer, your floors shed their imperfections and live on to serve you many more years. Make sure they are free of scratches and preserved for years to come.

Wood Floor Sanding in Chiswick W4 – Our Steps

Floor Sanding Chiswick W4Below you’ll find listed the steps that are necessary to sand your floors. From preparation to actual sanding, everything is important, if you want to prolong the longevity of your floors. Some of the steps are mandatory, but they are also very important:

  • Repair and Restoration: After we inspect the floors, reliable specialists deal with everything – from loose boards to damaged floorboards that have to be replaced.
  • Gap Filling: If there are any gaps, we fill them with organic materials.
  • Floor Sanding: Old seal and finish are stripped. This way, all damage, and imperfection are removed to level the floor.
  • Staining: We can change the hue of your wooden floors if you wish. It’s completely optional!
  • Finish: Your floors are sealed with an organic sealant – lacquer, oil or wax.

Chiswick Floor Sanding Comes With the Following Benefits

The material, type, layout and traffic are specific factors that affect the surface of your wooden flooring in different ways. The experts who provide the floor sanding in Chiswick have the sufficient experience and skill to repair and refurbish floorings of all materials, types, and ages. Both residential and commercial floors are restored with ease. These are the benefits of having freshly sanded and sealed wood floor:

  • Easy to clean: Wood floors are probably the easiest surface to be cleaned. Especially, if they are freshly sanded!
  • Great to look at: Everybody will envy the restored look of your floors.
  • Healthy for a long time: Expert sanding and professional finishes ensure your floors will lead a long life.
  • Good for property value: Wooden floors increase the value of each property.

Floor Sanding in Chiswick Works With BONA

Trust in the BONA-certified technicians to restore your wooden floor to its former glory. We work at floor sanding in Chiswick with skill and precision to ensure your flooring is perfectly even and the wood lasts for years ahead. Each session is carried out with the latest BONA equipment, which promises a quick result and spares you the nuisance of sawdust. Once done, you can freely return and resume your life with ease.

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