Floor Fitters in Hampstead NW3

A great way to enhance the look of your property, whether it’s residential or commercial, is to install a wooden floor. What the floor fitters in Hampstead can do for you is take your personal style and install a floor that meets your expectations. You’re the one in charge from inception, through the first consultation visit until the completion of the project. In the end, you get to marvel at a floor that will stand the test of time.

Hiring Our Wood Floor Installation in Hampstead NW3 Gets You All the Expertise You Need

Deciding on the company to do your wood floor installation in Hampstead is important – here are the benefits we’ll give you:

  • Numerous Customizations: We offer a variety of floor types – hardwood, engineered, laminate and parquet.
  • Longer Product Life: We use only premium materials and you can be certain we’ll work with quality oak, cherry, ash, maple, pine, and walnut.
  • Improved Value: Real estate agents value high-quality wooden floors and we provide a service that will help raise your property’s value.

How The Wood and Parquet Floor Fitters Perform Your Service?

floor fitters hampstead nw3There are several steps in the process of installing your floor, regardless of the wood type you’ve chosen.

We provide each and every customer with a no-obligation on-site consultation to observe the layout and check out if the current floor is leveled. If not, then we perform concrete subfloor leveling to ensure a steady basis. The consultation comes with no obligation.

You have the options to have some damp and sound proofing preparations before laying the floor, whether it’s floating, nailed down, or glued down. Finally, you have the option of asking the wood and parquet floor fitters to install skirting boards or beading, for a clean look, along with door and door frame trimming.

Who Are The Wood Floor Fitters in Hampstead?

Installing a wooden floor is a job that demands precision, skill and a strong hand. You can relax knowing your team consists of professional London wood floor fitters who have worked this for years on end and know how to approach every property type – residential or public, small or large, open or complex in its layout. We employ the use of only premium materials, trustworthy brands and the most preferred techniques to give you a wooden floor that will last the ages.

Make an Appointment with The Floor Layers in Hampstead NW3

Efficiency in communication is our forte, so you can always get in touch with the office every day of the week. Dial 020 3404 9697 from early in the morning to late in the day, be it a weekday, the weekend or holiday. Our operators are here to help you create your unique service package, schedule a no-obligation on-site consultation with the Hampstead wood floor layers and edit an existing scheduled appoint, as long as there are more than 24 hours before the arrival date and time.

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