Showroom Floor Sanding Services in London for Every Business Enterprise

What’s the most important thing when it comes to working with customers? We believe it to be the presentation. A business’ success lies in how your patrons perceive your business and this concerns wood floors as well. Polished, immaculate wooden floors draw people in with the promise of high quality and exclusivity. Your retail space can be a beacon to customers from near and far with a single visit from the showroom floor sanding experts! Whatever your wooden surface is, you’ll find a solution tailored to your individual needs.

The Approach to Retail Showroom Floor Sanding in London

London businesses know how to keep up appearances and understand the importance wooden floors play into creating a lasting image. Raise yours up with retail floor sanding services designed to enhance the individual aesthetic properties of a wood floor. You stand to receive a no-obligation on-site inspection that examines the condition of your floor space in detail. We take into account the age, the material and the current level of traffic it has sustained to determine a custom approach.

Sanding any floor surface – softwood, hardwood, parquet or cork – demands time, careful handling and patience. The process even at the best of times disrupts your business. What we can do for you is minimize the amount of sawdust created as a by-product of the sanding. We are proud to use the latest equipment from BONA – a trusted internationally recognized brand with heavy duty sanding machines that sand without coating everything with dust and residue. With BONA your exhibition room will easily look as it was the day you first saw it. That’s the secret to the success as a commercial sanding company in London.

Additional Benefits from Our Sanding Service

You receive a fully comprehensive service that aims to reduce the amount of time and stress associated with sanding. Here is how your business benefits from a single visit:

  • Individual battle plan: The experts survey your floor’s condition and its unique set of small imperfections to determine how much time it will take and what needs to be done.
  • Custom staining and finishes: Once the sanding is completed, you can choose a variety of stain colors and then a rich selection of sealing options – all created from natural materials to bring further comfort to your patrons.
  • Restoration and repair: We don’t just sand. We’re dedicated to making sure your floor has a long life and that means surveying the damage to your wood. Repairing and replacing are the two things we excel at.

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