School Floor Sanding in London for Every House of Education

Wooden floors have been a signature and permanent fixture for so many educational facilities in London. Maintain the tradition – preserve your wooden floors for years with our school floor sanding services. Continue to breathe life into the polished wooden floors in your school’s halls. It’s a guarantee we provide you with every project we take.

How we Approach School Floor Sanding in London?

Our service begins with a thorough, no-obligation visit from the experts. Yes, you can give us exact measurements and wood type, however, each floor has its own history – its own set of flaws and type of aging. This makes it impossible to give a direct quote over the phone. We know better than to promise something without surveying the floor first. Once we know exactly what we have on our hands, you’ll learn just how much work will go into your sanding and restoration project.

What’s key to our school wooden floor sanding and repair is the attention to detail. Your floors are worked with the latest equipment from BONA – a brand dedicated to precision. This equipment reduces the amount of sawdust by-product, which is what sanding is known for. At the same time, the BONA machines ensure your floors no matter the material they’re made of remain even.

What We Offer apart from Sanding School Floors in London?

Sanding is only the first step of the process. The service is much more than you can ever know. Whether we’re performing university floor sanding or library floor sanding, you stand to benefit from the same bonuses:

  • Experience with wood: All of the experts have worked with every material imaginable – cork, hardwood, softwood, and parquet.
  • Restoration and Repair: Damaged wood is replaced with new floorboards made from the same material closely matching the original pattern.
  • Natural sealing products: However you want to stain, seal and polish your school flooring in London, you can rest assured the products used are 100% natural and safe for children.
  • Gap filling: Say goodbye to drafts and higher utility bills with a gap filling service that creates an airtight surface.

Book Floor Sanding for Your Educational Facility Right NOW!

You’ve taken the big step towards renovating and updating your school, university or educational facility. Our operators are always ready to take your call every day of the week. Dial 020 3404 9697 from early in the morning until late in the evening. We’re here to help you make the best decision for your wooden floor type. Ask us questions, schedule a no-obligation inspection and quote, turn to us with anything else you want to discuss!

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