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A wooden floor is a great asset to any home, workplace and property in general. Wooden floors increase the market price, when you are selling a property, they are beautiful and bring uniqueness, elegance, warmth and even luxury whenever they are installed, they are also very solid, sturdy and long-lasting, resistant to many common issues and problems. Wooden floors come in a great variety of choices in terms of type, wood species used for manufacturing them, colours, decorative treatments and staining, grain, texture and so on, and so on. We are sure that with so many choices anyone can find exactly what they are looking for and enjoy it for up to one hundred years. That is right, wooden installations can last up to one hundred years and is as sturdy and appearing as just installed. However, if you want your wooden flooring to last for so long, you have to be sure to maintain it properly and pay attention to its specific requirements and care requests. In fact, wood material is even not pretentious and looking after it won’t take too much of your time, energy and money. But for the maintenance to be a proper one is very important in this situation!

We have re-finished wooden floors in prestigious offices, hotels, health clubs, warehouses and gyms. We also specialize in the restoration, sanding and varnishing of real wood doors, both interior and exterior. We can restore your doors to their original condition. We will provide a clear explanation of the work required and an easy to understand quote. For businesses that do not want any downtime, we are happy to work outside of normal hours so your business does not suffer any disruption.

Gone are the days when parquet installation is a challenge, although you can always find a reliable and experienced professional installer that can do it the old-school way. Still, parquetry is nowadays offered in many options like engineered wood timber that comes from the factory with already arranged pattern and applied finish. Well, this enlightens the installation process a lot, but still sanding is pretty challenging. The whole challenge of sanding parquet blocks comes from the pattern itself. Because all the parquet wood blocks are fitted in different directions, so the pattern of choice can be achieved, they cannot be sanded straightaway just like solid wood and engineered wood constructions. In fact, sanding them straightaway means that you are going to sand against the grain, which causes a number of issues and imperfections and leads to quicker wear and tear – something, we do not want to happen for sure!

Please give us a call to discuss your requirements or use the contact page and we’ll give you a callback. We cover Isleworth. However, customers often ask to travel throughout the UK for larger projects, which we are always delighted to do. We have teams of specialist technicians who carefully trained to provide the highest levels of service and respond to a customer’s needs first and foremost.

We do all flooring services. We are professionals who restore your expensive Pine floor with our quality floor sanding services. We trust our premium materials to achieve spotless like brand new final products. The team at Alchemy are specialists when it comes to floor sanding, the polyurethane of timber floors, concrete grinding and polishing. We also provide basic floor preparations, the lifting of vinyl, carpet lifting and ceramic services. Just ask our hundreds of satisfied customer in Isleworth, we’re number one for polishing services!

Our sanding service comes with a lot of benefits and advantages for you and your business, so be sure to contact us and request more information! Sanding is a great and very beneficial service because of so many reasons. Wooden floors are, hands down, very beautiful, solid and pretty a serious investment and because of that having one installed in your home or workplace means that you have to provide it with good maintenance. Sanding your wooden floor is what we call good maintenance. And if the service is delivered by reliable, trustworthy, experienced and skilled experts like us, then you can be sure of the success of the outcome! Call us today on 020 3404 9697 and let’s discuss your project in Isleworth!

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